water quality of the Kali Pepe

Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Created at: 11 Nov 2018


Water quality problems by river pollution in Kampung Sewu, Surakarta 2018. This project is an internship collaboration between dutch and indonesian universities. The Kali Pepe river is one of the rivers in Surakarta that is heavily polluted by human activities. The pollution deteriorates the water quality of the river and causes many diseases. In Kampung Sewu there is a lot of pollution from solid waste, this flows into the Kali Pepe river. The purpose of this research is to come up with sollutions of the solid waste problem with a learning based program for the local inhabitants of Kampung Sewu.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

This research will measure the water quality of the Kali Pepe river and give an indication of how bad the water quality is. The findings of the research will be presented at the Urban Social Forum on 15/16 december in Surakarta.

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