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Problem area - flood vulnerability

Created at: 01 May 2022


Project overview (source:

Following a feasibility study and extensive consultation with the relevant government authorities, the project was approved as follows: Ecological redevelopment of the Pétrusse


  1. manage rising water levels;
  2. take into account the many infrastructural features located in the valley; and
  3. prevent any increase in terms of exposure to flooding for private land parcels located in the valley.

The concept provides for the following works:

  1. demolition of the existing concrete riverbed, with a moderate raising of the waterway;
  2. removal of one of the walls bordering the Pétrusse in some places to widen the waterway channel;
  3. development of a bed bottom that is more resistant to extreme stresses when the water level rises;
  4. construction of a fish ladder at the structure located on Rue St Ulric; and
  5. and construction of a new retaining wall downstream of the Bourbon Lock on the left bank (city side).

Development of the park along the Pétrusse

The ecological restoration and redevelopment of the Pétrusse Valley involves:

  1. creating a rest and recreational area near the park entrance (Rue St Ulric side);
  2. revamping play areas and sports facilities such as the outdoor fitness equipment and the minigolf course near the park entrance (rock-face side);
  3. incorporating the existing skate park into the new surroundings;
  4. installing terraced seating and relaxation areas at different locations along the banks of the Pétrusse;
  5. building a 4.5-metre-wide path (suitable for motor vehicles) alongside the Pétrusse over the entire length of the valley, and a path measuring 2 to 3 metres wide (not suitable for motor vehicles) on the opposite side of the main promenade, near the river;
  6. building six new bridges to replace existing structures (two open to vehicular traffic and four for pedestrians); and
  7. reintroducing species of fish by installing a fish ladder so that they can move between the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Zie beschrijving project stad Luxemburg. Het park Petrusse waar de gelijknamige gekanaliseerde beek door heenstroomt wordt herontwikkeld met een meer ecologische inrichting. Daarnaast wordt voor klimaatadaptatie het gebied geschikt gemaakt voor waterberging.

De Petrusse Beek is in 1930 gekanaliseerd en vastgelegd in een smal stroomprofiel. De beek krijgt nu meer ruimte en de stroomsnelheid zal afnemen door enerzijds het verhoge van de beekbodem en anderzijds door vloeivlaktes te creëren. Het is de bedoeling dat er zo naast meer waterberging ook juist ruimte ontstaat voor een ecologisch ontwikkeling. Foto's worden nog toegevoegd.

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