Moataa Mangrove Project

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Created at: 31 Aug 2022


the Moataa Mangrove project, which was funded by the U.S and Samoan governments through the U.S Embassy in Apia. The Mangrove Restoration Project consists of the protection and conservation of the mangrove ecosystems and wetlands of samoa, The roots of the mangrove trees help stabilize coastal soil which helps in combating erosion caused by storm surges, currents, waves and tides. The benefits of implementing mangroves into an ecosystem do not stop there, as ecologically mangrove branches act as a shelter for honey bees and small mammals whilst serving as nests for coastal birds, Dead mangrove trees also act as nesting areas for many other bird species. The roots of the Mangroves act as a nursery habitat for many fish species and protects them from predators, This includes much commercial fish and shellfish, contributes to the local abundance of seafood and creates employment in the fishing industry.

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