Presentations WISA and Adaptation Futures 2018, Cape Town: Wetskills, Climatescan Heatstress

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Created at: 20 Jun 2018


The outcomes of this project have shown there is a clear demand for a collaborative, knowledge sharing tool where first impressions of different urban resilience projects can be quickly gained. The map application has proven successful to its users (most young professionals) with over 2500 projects and is gaining positive feedback in international workshops and meetings. Acknowledgement This study would not have been possible without the funding and collaboration within the projects WaterCoG and INXCES and the the long-term support we have received from STOWA and the several stakeholders from water authorities, municipalities and various other organizations working with climatescan.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Presentations Climatescan Heatstress Adaptation Futures 2018, Cape Town

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