climate and via water cafe: Capture and share continuous data on water quality of Niger River around Bamako

Waterquality Monitoring with ROV Community Building

Created at: 30 Mar 2018


Project Summary The project is carried to collect and share continuously data on water quality of River Niger in Bamako and surroundings. The project will involve several civil society actors through the Coordination of resources users of Niger River in Mali, such as fishermen, dyers, maraichers, gravel and sand extractors, etc. Other actors such as industrialists will also be involved, as will the universities and technical departments interested by water quality of Niger River. The generation of reliable and continuous data will enable policy-makers to make informed decisions; Improvement of river water quality will reduce treatment costs and impact on drinking water quality at the household level. Project hopes to accomplish:

  • Measurements water quality of the Niger River in Bamako;
  • Central database creation and data visualization
  • Continuous communication and sharing information on river water quality
  • Defining the priority data and information requirements of the main stakeholders to ensure they have the information to take targeted action to improve the water quality; Specific goals will be reached through
  • Water quality measurement plan using innovative tools such as smartphones & submarine drones

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Capture and share continuous data on water quality of Niger River around Bamako

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