Butuanon River Scan Midstream Group 4

Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Created at: 14 Nov 2018


The area is located across Uratex and is accessible through an alleyway. Residences are established on either side of the river and a woodworking factory is also located nearby.

The riverbank is heavily polluted with solid wastes from the residences established in that area. Garbage also floats along the river, often accumulating is certain points. Discharging of untreated wastewater to the river from domestic and industrial sources is also visible. As a result, the river is in a poor state. Its waters are turbid and it emits a foul odor. There are no signs of any aquatic life as well. Policies that fine people for the disposal of garbage to the river have been implemented. But people simply pay their fines and continue throwing their wastes to the river.

An initial step to solve these problems is the proper orientation of the local residents. Where they dispose their garbage and how they will dispose it must be made clear to minimize the pollution along the river and its riverbank. The companies responsible for the discharged wastewater must also be approached and warned of the effects their discharges bring about

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