Metro Cebu River Scan Challenge 2023 - Butuanon River (Downstream)

Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement


Air and Noise Pollution

Plastic Soup (aquatic plastic litter)

Created at: 26 Apr 2023


The Butuanon river was one of the major water sources of residents before it was declared dead in 1992. It stretches from the mountainous area of Cebu City down to Mandaue City. The river flows downstream passing through Cebu City and has its mouth in Mandaue City near the Magellan Bay. The Butuanon river has the governmental Recreational Water Class C II for boating, fishing or similar activities.

The group determined the existing pollutants (e.g. chemical, and plastic wastes) at the downstream of Butuanon river by conducting fieldwork at Brgy. Umapad Mandaue City, Cebu. A series of on site tests were conducted to investigate the; geographical features of the downstream Butuanon river(e.g. width, depth,etc.), maximum flood height, the water quality of the river, streamflow velocity, plastic waste pollution, and turbidity.

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