Croftfoot Primary School swale, permeable paving and stormwater storage amphitheatre


Permeable Pavement

Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement


Storage for water

Storm Water Drainage


Created at: 24 Apr 2022


At Croftfoot Primary School, a new swale has been formed to collect runoff from the playground area, and new drainage to gather runoff from roof downpipes, all of whcih is conveyed to below a new multi-use games area (MUGA). The MUGA has a permeable surface and storage below it to attenuate the surface water runoff, prior to discharge to the Spittal Burn culvert on Croftpark Avenue. An outdoor amphitheatre area has also been formed. This combines an outdoor learning area with additional storage capacity during large storms the exceed the storage under the MUGA. Once the storm event passes, the amphitheatre drains down by gravity over the course of a number of hours.

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