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Created at: 28 Jun 2022


Southwest of Uppsala city center a multifunctional water park has been constructed to purify and filter stormwater from the residential area around Gottsunda centre. The aim of the water park is to improve the aquatic environment in receiving waters, that drain into and affect Lake Mälaren and the nothern Baltic Sea.

The stormwater park consists of one large pond and three smaller pre-sedimentation ponds. The water park is expected to remove about half of all incoming nutrients, 80 percent of oil and more than 60 percent of heavy metals before the water is discharged into River Hågån and further into Lake Mälaren.

The water park will help increase the biodiversity in the area and is also a demonstration project for municipalities and others who want to implement similar stormwater pond projects. For schools and the general public, the park offers an opportunity to learn more about water and the environment.

The Municipality of Uppsala built the water park and the consulting firm Water Revival Systems developed the system document, construction document and provided construction support for the project. Eskilsdotter Landskap is responsible for the design. The water park was built with support from EU/LIFE and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management through the LIFE IP Rich Waters project. The project was also co-financed by state support for local water conservation projects mediated by the County Administrative Board of Uppsala.

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