The Scottish SUDS Monitoring Programme (1998-2004) Stenton Pond

Water Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Storage for water

Pond (Retention pond)


Created at: 20 Apr 2022


The Scottish SUDS Monitoring Programme (1998-2004) provided knowledge on the performance of SUDS (water quality, hydrology and amenity) and was funded by SNIFFER, Environment Agency, SEPA, Scottish Water, Wilcon Homes, Formpave Ltd., Yorkshire Water and Dundee City Council. Stenton Pond was designed as a flood detention basin in the 1970’s to give flow attenuation for the Glenrothes New Town and was later converted to have a permanent pool for water quality protection. There is a well established habitat in and around the Pond, which in conjunction with the landscaping and shape of the pond results in a high amenity value.

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