Green infrastructure (Hoofdgroenstructuur) Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam The Netherlands


Created at: 10 Jul 2020


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Nieuw en Meer is one of the largest studio complexes of Amsterdam. The extensive grounds of 3.7 hectares is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam in a dynamic environment between the Zuidas District and Schiphol. With about 100 studio’s this art and business park contributes substantially to the creative urban landscape of Amsterdam. At the same time, there is much attention to the ecological values ​​of the area.

Green structure The site is located in an important natural and ecological niche that is part of the Groene As (Green Axis) and borders on the Amsterdam Forest. Partly for this reason it’s why the terrain has been managed ecologically for years now. For several years, the area also belongs officially to the Hoofdgroenstructuur of Amsterdam (Ecological Main Structure).

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Green infrastructure (Hoofdgroenstructuur) Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam The Netherlands

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