Cerna Hora Tjechoslowakia


Created at: 22 Aug 2022


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Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Cerna Hora Tjechoslowakia

the rounded peak of Montenegro in the Giant Mountains, which encourages a comfortable walk. Just take the cable car up the steep hill and you are suddenly at an altitude of 1299 m.n.m. Not only the picturesque stretching mountains can be seen here, but also the six thousand-year-old peat bogs, the vast wetlands of unpredictable properties. On an area of ​​66 hectares, another world awaits you - adventurous and mysterious. You will seem to be in a different level of being. You will be breathed by the dead cold of dying trees and you will take a closer look at a two and a half meter deep layer of peat, over which insects fly briskly. It thus contrasts the demise of the birth of a new life.

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