Arrowtown Library Bio-Shading: The Arrowtown Library


White Roofs (heatstress)

Shading Structure

Created at: 01 Sep 2022


The Arrowtown Library is a good example of how an existing Nbs has benefited the later design of a public space. Built in the 1980s, the library is nestled among pre-existing trees. These would have been planted many years before the library was built. Although the trees are not native, and were most likely planted by British settlers, they are deciduous, meaning the library can receive extra sunlight during the cold Otago Winters. Arrowtown does become quite hot during the summer, but the trees oriented to its North protect it with dense foliage. This space also provides great shade for the Arrowtown Summer Farmers market, which takes place under the tree canopy outside the library. This is an effective cultural and economic solution for the town. Many areas in Arrowtown are classified as heritage spaces, so natural tree cover replaces what might normally be an event or market building in other places around the world. This costs the town less and means economic activity from the market can keep going as long as the trees are protected.

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