Cockle Bay Rahui


Created at: 02 Sep 2022


The Ministries of Fisheries department from the government instigated the seasonal Rahui when it came to attention that there was a 'massive depletion of the Cockle shellfish stock'.

The seasonal Rahui (Ban) of cockle collecting at Cockle Bay was first introduced to reduce the amount of shellfish beach goers took out on a yearly basis. Also currently in place is a limit of 50 Cockles per collector a day and if caught with any more, the cockles will be confiscated and the collector would then be fined. All these are measures taken to help the cockle population in the bay regrow, however there is still an issue with a small number of people breaking these rules and exceeding their daily collection limitations. To help cover this officials have said it will take a "combined effort from nearby residents and beachgoers to keep the ban properly enforced". The outcome of the Rahui on East-Auckland's Cockle Bay has helped revive the numbers of Cockles and shellfish over the last decade.

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