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Created at: 26 Jun 2022


About 1500 small dams and wells were on the hills and mountains of San Antonio Aguas Calientes in Department of Sacatepequez, in country of Guatemala to avoid flooding, risk and disasters after hurricane Mitch, Stan and other storms. after some years the 6 production wells for domestic water werte lowening the level, in cosequence the sysytem to avoid floding also works in Managed aquifer recharge . The wells and "diques"or holes 1 square meter to avoid flloding and wells of about 15 meeter deeep and 2 meter of diameter worked for flooding and MAR. The problem sittl is the bad quality of water at the begining for not good solid separation and contamination in storm water on the roads, streets. Coordinates 14.547349, -90.780455 . Part of DIGIRES Digital-enabled green infrastructure for sustainable water resources management and FINDECYT/INTERCTI 02-2021, Digitalizaciòn de la infraestructura verde para la gestiòn sosotenible de los recursos hìdricos.

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