SuDS in Diepsloot Township Johannesburg

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Created at: 02 Oct 2018


Using action research methods, small-scale interventions were designed, constructed and refined by residents and researchers at two sites close to the Jukskei River. While the primary intention of the research was to reduce standing water in the public areas, water quality testing indicates that the SuDS reduced some pollutants. Nitrate and phosphate concentrations were slightly lowered through the introduction of permeable channels and soakaways, while these interventions had a moderate effect on chemical oxygen demand. The involvement of residents at the two sites was markedly different, reflecting divergent priorities and social dynamics.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

In de arme wijk Diepsloot, wordt regenwaterafvoer vervuild met afval en als gevolg van slechte sanitatie. Dit onderzoek legde een aantal SuDS maatregelen aan en bestudeerde het proces en de gevolgen.

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