Wadi Rutgersstraat - Deventer

(bio) swale

ClimateCafé WDOD

Groenblauwe Oplossingen

Created at: 18 May 2021


Wadi als onderdeel van wadistraat (niet verbonden)

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State of Biodiversity Low biodiversity
Height (in m) 2
Length (in m) 20
Width (in m) 2
Greenblue Solutions
Measure type Swale
Hydraulic functioning
Contains body of water? No
Is there surface pollution? (garbage dumped, plastic waste, etc.) No
What functions can be found around the measure? Living
What's the building density around the measure? Low density - e.g. suburbs
User friendliness
How visible is the measure? Visible from outside
How accessible is the measure? Well accessable

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