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(bio) swale

Groenblauwe Oplossingen

Created at: 24 Feb 2017


Rijbaan watert af op infiltrerende berm die is voorzien van een drain dat afwatert op oppervlaktewater.

Resultaten Infiltratieproeven te vinden op: http://infiltratieproefgroningen.blogspot.com/p/wadi-hoendiep.html

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State of Biodiversity Decent biodiversity
Length (in m) 200
Width (in m) 10
Height (in m) 1
Greenblue Solutions
Measure type Swale
Hydraulic functioning
Contains body of water? No
Is there surface pollution? (garbage dumped, plastic waste, etc.) Yes, a bit
What functions can be found around the measure?
  • Shops
  • Businesses
What's the building density around the measure? Low density - e.g. suburbs
User friendliness
How visible is the measure? Visible from outside
How accessible is the measure? Well accessable

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