Wadi Raalte Koningsspil

(bio) swale

ClimateCafé WDOD

Groenblauwe Oplossingen

Created at: 17 May 2021


Wadi Raalte Koningsspil

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Wadi Raalte Koningsspil

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Width (in m) 15
Height (in m) 0,7
Year of development 2007
Length (in m) 40
Greenblue Solutions
Measure type Swale
What functions can be found around the measure?
  • Public spaces
  • Living
What's the building density around the measure? Dense - e.g. city neighbourhood
User experience
How content is neighbourhood with the measure? Very happy
How well does the neighbourhood think the measure fits in? Very good
For what purposes is the measure being used? Playground, community place, water storage and inflitration
What are desired changes for the measure? None
What are positive aspects of the measure? Come together, playing children.
What are negative aspects of the measure? None
User friendliness
How visible is the measure? Visible from outside
How accessible is the measure? Well accessable

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