Klimaatadaptieve inrichting IKC Beneden-Leeuwen

(bio) swale

Gully free roads

Multifunctional Climate Adaptation

Created at: 18 Jun 2020


Klimaatadaptieve inrichting IKC Beneden-Leeuwen

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Klimaatadaptieve inrichting IKC Beneden-Leeuwen

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Year of construction 2019/2020
Who developed the measure? Gemeente West Maas en Waal (Martijn Timmermans)
Greenblue Solutions
Measure type
  • Swale
  • Wetland
Hydraulic functioning
Soil type Clay soil
What functions can be found around the measure?
  • Living
  • Public spaces
What's the building density around the measure? Dense - e.g. city neighbourhood
User friendliness
Which functions does the measure offer? Speeltuin / park
How visible is the measure? Visible from outside
How accessible is the measure? Well accessable

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